Indoor Air Quality

Tips for breathing clean air in your home

There are many ways to be sure your family is breathing clean air in your home. The first, and most important, factor leading to clean air is always keeping a clean air filter. We also provide a duct cleaning service that helps rid your air of dirt and grime. Lastly, UV Lights and Air Purifiers can help to kill a variety of germs and bacteria.

Clean Air Filters

In most cases, you should change your air filters once a month for the cleanest air. Pleated air filters that are changed regularly can often protect against viruses, bacteria, some mold spores, pet allergens, and dust allergens. Without a clean filter, the additional protectants may not be beneficial.

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Duct Cleaning

The duct cleaning process begins with an inspection to locate any air leaks, and replace or repair the parts causing those leaks. The second part of the process is an extensive cleaning in which we loosen suborn dirt and grime and, then, vacuum all dust, pollen and other pollutants. Finally, we sanitize your duct system with EnviroCON (an anti-bacterial solution for indoor pollution control) using a fogger that circulates the solution through the entire duct system. This process is great for ridding your air of most unwanted bacteria.

UV Lights

UV lights are typically installed in the coil, and can help to kill the mold and bacteria that tend to grow in an indoor coil’s moist environment. These harmful pollutants can become airborne as the air circulates through the coil and into your home. For extra protection and cleaner air, consider having UV Lights installed.

Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers are the best solution, along with a clean air filter, for whole home air purification. Air Purifiers are installed within your duct system and are great for killing dust, dander, pollen, mold and some viruses. Whole home purifiers actively purify pollutants at the source, rather than as they pass through the system, leaving cleaner air than a UV Light or other passive air technologies.

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